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Oct 11, 2022 Writing good therapy notes is a skill. The eight phases of EMDR therapy provide a framework to understand the treatment process.
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    NOTE Make a list of any targets that arise from the floatback until you find the "Touchstone" or "Root".

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    Client Handouts (e.

  • Our EMDR Session Note Worksheet will make a difficult task an easy one.
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    We would appreciate any suggestions andor feedback about its usefulness.

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  • Progress NameNotes D& T next 1 or 8 Issue-Review 3 What picture represents the worst part of the incident(target) What words go best with that picture that express your negative.
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  • Now Available The EMDR Therapy Progress Journal helps to identify potential challenges in EMDR Therapy and navigate them with easy-to-understand language, visual aides, and analogies, while the worksheets and writing prompts keep you on track and focused to maximize your progress.
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    When you bring up that pictureincident what emotions do you feel now 4.

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    Our EMDR Progress Note (Editable, Fillable, Printable PDF) is an EMDR worksheet that can be downloaded and used with all your clients.