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  • This prop was specified for a pusher aircraft with cruise of 180.
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  • Aug 20, 2017 At higher RPMs the MT is louder (or at least has a less comfortable sound for the neighbors) than the old Hartzell, but towing at 2300RPM we got a lot good feedback from the neighbors about beeing the Husky beeing quieter (and the climb performance is nearly identically for the MT qwith different RPMs - we timed the climb rate with different.
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    To examine these separately MTV-39.

  • Still evaluating the new MT props.
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    Exchange complete propeller assemblies are also available for DA4042 aircraft.

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  • Shop biplane-and-prop-plane-170-piece-construction-kit-blue by Eitech.
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  • Picture outside of box sister prop, same spec.
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    Vintage BRASS Boat Propeller Old 3 Blade Prop Antique U620H SMC56 D098.

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    These planes have the ability to transport four or more passengers for distances of 2,778 kilometres.