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If you find a channel you like, go to the channel profile and select "Add. Zello has been part of the Broadnet GMRS for many years now.
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    This group is strict and they require proper radio communication when you join.

  • How to go out from channel How do I protect my channel from hackers How do I unblock a huge list of blocked users all at once How do I assign moderators on Zello for Android How can I become a moderator on a channel How.
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    Once the app has been set up, you need to add our channel.

  • Check out " Hobby Radio Operators " at www.
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    See our List of Radio to find the perfect Network and Zello radio to use.

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  • Frontline workers, teams, and communities stay connected, safe, and productive.
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    Add your own channel or listen to a popular channel.

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